Everyone's favorite targets, the scientists. The main changes that came to them were there looks basically.

scientist.gif (17844 bytes) Two old looking scientists

scientist0.jpg (97786 bytes) A sci watching a Panther's containment chamber

scientist1.jpg (74100 bytes) This may have been a scripted event where glass falls on the sci, notice the face and how it has changed from the current version

scientist2.jpg (16112 bytes) A sci about to be surprised by a Panther

scientist3.jpg (75075 bytes) From this pic you can see that there may have been expression changes

scientist4.jpg (36422 bytes) An old looking sci looking into a mirror, with a reflection!

scientist5.jpg (51227 bytes) This version of this sci was completely changed in the finished game

scientist6.jpg (49720 bytes) This version of the sci hasn't changed much, but you can tell the differences

scientist7.jpg (54499 bytes) Another pic of the sci that was completely changed

scientist8.jpg (6984 bytes) Notice the different blood effect

scientist9.jpg (14504 bytes) Another old looking sci

scientist10.jpg (18123 bytes) Three versions of the old looking scientists

scientist11.jpg (26320 bytes) Another close up of an old looking sci

scientist12.jpg (6465 bytes) Notice how this area has changed slightly

scientist13.jpg (43690 bytes) This still happens in the current game, but with the current looking sci