The part of Half-Life which has changed the most.

level.jpg (86252 bytes) This shows a pic of a scientist crushed by a crate and 0 days since last injury :)

level0.jpg (16212 bytes) This shows some neat lighting effects on your way to the test chamber

level1.jpg (53305 bytes) This pic is pretty weird and I can't really figure it out

level2.jpg (45444 bytes) This shows an old part of Black Mesa where you get to see a map

level3.jpg (177830 bytes) Notice the old looking cactus at the bottom of the screen

level4.jpg (32316 bytes) An old version of the map right after the incident

level5.jpg (54382 bytes) An old lab from somewhere

level6.jpg (91151 bytes) Here is an old pic of everyone's favorite scientist that can never get that drink

level7.jpg (77165 bytes) An old pic of the warehouse like area in H-L

level8.jpg (64762 bytes) An old pic that has a mirror! But where is the player's reflection?

level9.jpg (27186 bytes) An old pic right after the incident, notice there is less detail here

level10.jpg (7361 bytes) Not much of H-L took place outside, and this pic shows an area near the cliffs

level11.jpg (45727 bytes) Notice in this pic that Barney has the H-L symbol on his back

level12.jpg (35033 bytes) An old pic of the lab, notice the scientist looks scared even though it looks like this was before the incident

level13.jpg (14956 bytes) The Alien Grunts in this pic look like they're floating on air, very similar to the ones in the containment chambers in the game now.

level14.jpg (38471 bytes) Another old pic of a lab area