Also known as Human Soldiers, Human Grunts were probably the smartest and coolest of all the H-L enemies. These guys communicated with each other, they could flank you out of hiding, and most of all, they are a team! The changes to these guys were mainly there clothes and there weapons.

hgrunt.jpg (21413 bytes) In this pic, you can see that they're holding an old weapon and they just look slightly different

hgrunt0.jpg (22917 bytes) From the dead bodies you can see that at that time there was probably only one death sequence

hgrunt1.jpg (22296 bytes) Notice the old shadows

hgrunt2.jpg (51583 bytes) These are pretty close to the current ones

hgrunt3.jpg (10713 bytes) Notice that they are all in the same sequence

hgrunt4.jpg (53354 bytes) This one is probably older than all the ones above, they have old weapons and different clothes

Technically, this guy is also a Human Grunt, but in old pics he looked to be almost separate.

hsarge.jpg (57813 bytes) See how he is so much different than Human Grunts in old pics, and he has a cool looking chaingun

hsarge0.jpg (22006 bytes) A close up of him

hsarge1.jpg (5784 bytes) Two Seargeants

hsarge2.jpg (63848 bytes) Another pic of him