Here's everyone's favorite security guard, Barney.  Barney has changed a lot.

barney.jpg (30339 bytes) Here is a pic of the old Barney in the real game! This wasn't taken out for some reason when he changed.

barney0.jpg (12173 bytes) A very old pic of Barney, apparently, jumping (Notice the old level behind him)

barney1.jpg (8196 bytes) A close up of him from the above pic

barney2.jpg (131704 bytes) Barney with the Tentacle enemy behind him

barney3.jpg (93137 bytes) Another old pic of Barney

barney4.jpg (435648 bytes) Nothing special about this one

barney5.jpg (11768 bytes) Another very old pic of Barney where he is about to strangle the scientist

barney6.jpg (21444 bytes) Barney jumping backwards

barney7.jpg (58524 bytes) Barney struggling with one of those lousy gun holsters

barney8.jpg (23245 bytes) Barney terrified by something

barney9.jpg (23508 bytes) The Barney Squad to the rescue

barney10.gif (3569 bytes) Barney dead

barney11.gif (7994 bytes) Barney strangling a scientist

barney12.jpg (15183 bytes) Barney about to throw the scientist to the Panther